Itin�raire du voyage
Itinéraire du voyage
Copenhagen, Danemark
We arrived by plane in Copenhaguen on the 1st of August!! 1st day of the trip !! And already some adventures...
Malmö Municipality, Suède
Malmo, first step in Sweden!! Nice weather, bad adventures, nice sunset on the beach (in front our camping)... this is my memory of tis city :)
Jönköping Municipality, Suède
Jonkoping...The city where everybody asked us \"why are you going there??\"... well... We kept a really nice memory of this city thanks to our couchsurfer (our first exeperience with couchsurfing!!), Robin Axelsson, who let us discovering sweden population, Vattern lake (the 2nd biggest lake in Sweden), and a really nice hospitality.. and a lot of other things :) So... go to jonkoping you will know real sweden hospitality (especially with Robin and his beautiful view of the lake by his balcony !)
Stockholm urban area, Suède
Stockholm... We felt in love with this city... A capital so sweat!! So full of colours, of water too, nice buildings, places, islands!! Yeah you have to go to Stockholm if you want to enjoy a capital!
Östersund Municipality, Suède
Our step befor the polar cercle!! Yeah... We felt the difference with the weather... So... COLD!! And at this moment of the trip, we were really afraid of what would be happen in our newt step as much it was cold and we had to go more and more in the north!!!
Abisko National Park, Suède
Abisko... Oh Abisko... We arrived and it was te beggining of the dream!! OH yeah Abisko, this city's name means everything but so difficul to describe!
Narvik, Norvège
We just spent one our (and one more in the train because there was a technical problem just 5 minutes before arriving to the centralstation!) in this city which seem really... industrial! As the \"traveller guide\" said: his only particularity was the indication for every capital in Europe (you have to see that with our pictures, and you'll have see the most interesting thing Narvik!)! Poor Narvik! Yet, the way to come from Abisko to Narvik is just beautiful and the way to go back from Narvik too!
Solvaer, Norvège
Ohhhhhhhh... Solvaer!! Oh I remember this day.. We spent the major part of the day in transports (train and after, bus) but we saw so much amazing landscapes... Lofoten Island... We were arrived, finally, to Lofoten Island! The dream was becoming reality!
8392 Tind, Norvège
Tind... Rorbu... It was not exactly our plan to go t this nice village but a really really nice discovering !!
Bodo, Norvège
Ah Bodo... as the \"GR\" said... you don't have absolutely to make a stop in Bodo... not a really nice city!! But we just had an afternoon there before taking our train for Trondheim... FInally we just spent one hour in the town and others in the centralstation, talking to other travellers !
Trondheim, Norvège
Oh Trondheim...Really nice city, with really nice weather! Yes of course we had a great moment in this city, even if there was not so much things to do... and some bad adventures was waiting us for the night... to be continued...
Bergen, Norvège
Bergen... Raining city! We can resume it like that! Mmmmh a lot of adventures too!! Camping was nice, aroung mountains but Bergen city... it's a city, not a big charm, and a lot of rain... Not our favorite!
5718 Myrdal, Norvège
Myrdal... oh... what a nice trip! One on our favorite... We just spent two days walking to go from myrdal to Flam and it was like a dream... landscapes we saw will just be in our head forever :)
5743 Flåm, Norvège
Flam!! Yeah!! What a beautiful fjord!! We just didi our tourist girls in this town.. did a cruise on the charming! you have to do that!
Oslo, Norvège
Oslo, our last step for our trip... Oslo is a really nice and quite capital; not like Stockholm... a lot of parks, lakes, nature!! You can take boat like you take bus in France! Yeah we liked this city, also because our nice couchsurfer, Melvin.. to be continued for the story !!